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Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Maria Celeste Linardi began pursuing art with fascination since an early age. Her first studies were in the classical tradition at a local art institute. Upon completing this period of formal training, she enrolled in the Atelier of Marcos Borio, one of the most renowned hyper-realistic artists in Argentina, from whom she learned to master acrylics.


Growing up, she travelled extensively through the vast and never ending landscapes of Argentina, which later would serve as inspiration for her work. In December of 1999, Maria Celeste relocated to the USA where she traveled and lived in many cities from coast to coast, grasping the essence that she would embody in her work.


Recently, she was fortunate to travel to Europe, where she was able to study the great masters in some of the world's most extensive art collections in Spain, Italy, France, and England.


In her paintings, the main protagonist is the landscape: “In my work, I try to represent the challenge that faces nature as a parallel to humankind. In each painting, you will discover a story, a battle of feelings or simply a visual rendering of the pass of the time, as I intentionally show it in the subject. Every painting has a profound meaning and I invite you to discover the message behind each of them”.


Her work has been exhibited in different galleries, both in Argentina and in the US, and at the OAS - Organization of American States, in Buenos Aires. Moreover, her work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, TX.


In October of 2005, Maria Celeste became a US Citizen. In addition to her work as an artist, her university education evolved around other disciplines to a Master’s Degree level. She currently teaches Spanish at Weston High School, and she worked as Adjunct Professor of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture at Eastern Nazarene College, in Quincy, MA.

Her home-studio is in Walpole, MA.

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