Artist's Statement - Maria Celeste

Environment series

Paintings 2010-2022

Paintings 2005-2009

Paintings 2000-2004

Paintings 1998-2000








…With the sound of dry leaves as music, and autumn’s colorful nature as stage, I begin this new chapter, more connected, and rediscovering my soul as I listen more closely, while trying to connect to the source of inspiration…


The message…


In my work, I try to represent the challenge that faces nature as a parallel to humankind.

In each painting you will discover a story, a battle of feelings or simply
a visual rendering of the pass of the time, as I intentionally show it in the subject.
Every painting has a profound meaning and I invite you to discover
the message behind each of them.


The Environment series reflects the effects of climate change and is my pebble contribution to nature, as intent to voice her attempt to be heard but ignored.  I envision that this message will help us to realize that we are one with nature, and therefore, share her vulnerability.


The process…


The process begins with an idea. I write every idea in a journal (sketchbook). It can be originated from a dream, or a concept that I want to analyze. Then, I sketch the idea using symbolism to represent what I want to say. I like to use an imaginary landscape to represent the idea, and I always start with the sky, which is usually a very important part of my work.


The next step is to create “the landscape” that is coming from my imagination,
where I will add objects depending on what the message is.


Finally, I call the last step “the sinking/thinking process”, because it is a time/moment when I (try to)
separate myself from the work and try to see if it has the message that I intended.
As a result, I let the work immerse in itself, in the idea, the meaning, while
I am analyzing that meaning until the painting/work says it is done.


The medium…


I have always experimented with different mediums, tying to find one that could adapt to the way I work. Fortunately, I found in acrylic paint a perfect tool. I love the versatility of this medium, and specially the fact that it dries so fast!
Acrylics opened for me, a new world of possibilities.


Size of my work…

I always felt more comfortable working on a large canvas. For some reason,
I feel limited sometimes painting on a small canvas.
Sometimes diptychs and triptychs allow me to express more effectively.

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